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Mobile based online marketplace for commerce


A online marketplace for wholesale buying and selling.

Reaching new customers & generating new revenue Oyomart bring businesses together, contributing to the meeting of new partners and the conduction of new trade. The extensive reach offered by marketplaces also minimises the costs of finding and promoting new customers.

Payment security payments are secured and transfered to escrow account at the time of buying, and release to seller as soon the product is delivered & accepted by customer.

Lower transaction costs The standardisation and automation of the agreement, inquiring, ordering and paying processes that B2B marketplaces favour help reducing transaction costs.

Increase efficiency Automated procurement processes and workflows allow companies to increase the efficiency of their supply chain.

Forecast transactions The Platform allows business to analyse their transactions data, enabling sellers to better match their products and services, as well as the time for inventory management, to fit customers needs. This help to increase the efficiency and reducing costs.

How do we do it?

What people say

Balahri Khurd (Fatehgarh Sahib)

Oyomart has helped me to access wide range of products by reaching out to large numbers of Suppliers. Now I can fulfill vast growing consumer needs with ease and by sitting at shop only.

Gurusewak Singh | Retailer (Fatehgarh Sahib)

Sohana (Mohali)

Penetrating in small towns and villages digitally is a good idea which Oyomart is doing and has helped me to reach the untouched consumer base.

PK Singh | Supplier (Mohali)

Sohana (Mohali)

We have started getting good margins through Oyomart which in result consumers also get benefitted. The team of Oyomart is experienced and very effective in dealing

Vishal Kumar | Retailer (Mohali)

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